Created in 1985, Agaphone is specialized in hotline externalisation services. For more than 35 years, we have been assisting professionals with calls reception and management. We offer outsourced and customized hotline solutions. You can then delegate your hotline to our teams and enjoy a high quality service. You are easily reachable, which is a real plus for your company’s brand. And should you have any question about our platforms or operating mode, our FAQ are available anytime.

We listed all the recurrent questions and gathered our answers. However, if you don’t find the anser to your question, feel free to contact us by phone or with the website contact form. Our expert team are here for you and will make every effort to advise you. We will guide you to the perfect solution, based on your needs.

Informations regarding our custom hotline solutions

What if my needs change or evolve during a subscribtion?

You can sumply reach our commercial support. Your package modification will be effective as soon as possible the following month.

Is the service still provided when Agaphone is closed?

YES. If you want, you can have a custom voicemail service. With this, your customers can reach you and leave you a message.

Where are Agaphone’s offices located?

Our head office and all of our seretaries are located at 68 bis, Boulevard Paris in Paris, 17th district. Our 2 platforms are located in France too, in Paris and Cabourg.

What is the delay of implementation?

Agaphone’s solution can be up and ready 24 hours upon your agreement and complete organization chart arrival.

What is the difference between a call and a message?

Only a successful call leads to message taking. Only messages are billed.

Do you offer schedule management?

YES. AGARENDEZ-VOUS is a specific service offring realtime synchronisation of your schedule with your smartphone and computer. This will perfectly suit medical liberal professions who have to deal with an appointement calendar.

What if I need a bilingual hotline?

Our secretaries can answer to international customers in English. A bilingual, custom outsourced hotline is available for you to take your customer’s questions and answer their questions.

I already own a phone number. Will it change if I entrust my hotline to you?

No, you can simply transfer your line on AGAPHONE. Your number remains the same for the callers.

Do I have to warn AGAPHONE when I transfer my calls?

No. You just have to activate the transfer from your phone. Your calls will immediatly be treated by our secretaries.

How will I receive my messages?

Your messages are transfered in realtime by email (SMS optional). You can check them on the media of your choice, smartphone or computer.

How many mines can I transfer to AGAPHONE?

As may as you need, there is no limit.

Can I have a particular attention for my VIPs?

Yes, of course. You can specify your requirements when you subscribe to an hotline package. As soon as a VIP calls, he is recognised as such and we adapt our speech.

Can you lend me a phone number?

For your hotline, AGAPHONE can provide you a geographic area (01 02 03 04 05) phone number, or a specific number.

Implementation and usage

What can I do in my customer area?

On website, you have access to your customer area, 24h/24. It is updated live, and gives you the opportunity to monitor :

Which payment methods are available for your services?

The automatic bank debit is the safest and the least restrictive.

What happens when I subscribe to a AGAPHONE package?

On subscription form arrival, you are given the transfer number. You can then activate the transfer from your phone to the dedicated number, and we answer on your behalf.

How can I enable line transfer?

This option, offered by any phone providers, allows you to forward your calls to AGAPHONE. If you get called, it rings in our office ! No more ringing disturbance, you can now fully focus on your job !
Check with your telephone provider to activate call forwarding.

Do you charge communication costs?

NO, they are fully covered, except for international transfer. AGAPHONE don’t charge any communication cost regardless of the package, the media (land line or mobile line) or the call length.

Is it more expensive to choose a fulltime rather than a part-time prestation?

NO, the cost is the same since we only charge taken messages. Calls are free. That’s part of our hotline package guaranty.

Why is call forwarding free?

Because charging only received and sent messages makes your spending easier to control.

What are the pros of unique biilling per message?

Charging on a message basis is beneficial for you. On average, with AGAMESSAGE, 2 calls lead to 1 message. With AGASTANDARD, 3 calls lead to 1 message. Moreover, you don’t pay communication cost, regardless of the carier (land line or mobile ) or call length.

How long is the commitment?

The minimum commitment is one calendar quarter or one calendar semester, depending on the chosen package. Terms and conditions apply for cancellations.

Are there set-up fees for my package?

Fees are offered for all packages except custom scenario.

How do I make modifications?

You can modifiy your informations by login in your customer area. You can also send us an email if needed, our team will integrate the changes.

Can I modify my package whenever I want?

You can modify your package anytime by reaching our commercial support. Updates will take 24 to 48h to be operational, and the contract will be amended.