What if my assistant is absent ?

Gabrielle M. - Lawyer

Your staff is in a meeting, on holiday, in an appointment, on the move, AGAPHONE and its teams manage temporary call overflow so that you do not lose any call.

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40% of our customers are British. We want to set up a bilingual telephone service very quickly. How can we do this ?

Jeanne R. - Travel agency manager

AGAPHONE has staff dedicated to multilingual telephone answering (French, English, Spanish) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, trained to master your business vocabulary. Based on a script, AGAPHONE's voices will meet the expectations of your foreign customers.

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In times of health crisis, what to do with our incoming calls ?

Daniel M. - Manager of a training centre

In times of health crisis, AGAPHONE stays by the side of professionals to support their activity and face emergencies. With our outsourced telephone reception services, no call is lost. We listen to everyone to study the best solution, the one that is in line with the professional activity.

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After 6 p.m., my staff can no longer handle phone calls. What should I do ?

Jean G. - Manager of an insurance firm

AGAPHONE's voices are operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No call is lost with an outsourced telephone reception. We know how to manage call overflow. With our 100% made in France telephone answering service, a tele-secretary answers according to your instructions, and answering machines are banned.

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My patients complain about our delay in picking up the phone.

Juliette P. - General practitioner

You or your staff are busy. AGAPHONE voices take over your switchboard so that your patients are satisfied.

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I am looking for a service provider who masters our business vocabulary to go further than just making an appointment.

Paul V. - Architect

AGAPHONE has the solution whatever your professional activity and your needs. In addition to putting you in touch with us, AGAPHONE's voices ensure your telephone secretarial services by studying your specifications and creating a tailor-made offer. Our tele-secretaries are trained throughout the year to guarantee a quality service.

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Our customers are demanding, we are looking for a quality telephone reception made in France reflecting the image of our company.

Paul V. - Director of a telephone company

AGAPHONE's success for 35 years is based on being made in France. Our tele-secretaries work exclusively in Cabourg (Normandy) and Paris. At AGAPHONE, we focus on the quality of the service we provide and a smile is part of that.

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I am a young entrepreneur, most of the time in customer meetings, I am looking for a solution to manage my agenda.

Mathilde L. - Autoentrepreneur - Personal services

The AgaRENDEZ-VOUS is part of the AGAPHONE solutions which allows the real-time synchronisation of your agenda with your computer and your smartphone. This solution is therefore perfectly suited to liberal professions that have an appointment book.

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My business requires me to travel regularly and I sometimes suffer from poor network coverage that causes me to lose calls that I need to answer urgently ? What solutions can you offer me ?

Jeanne F. - Nurse in a rural area

When you are unable to answer, our remote secretaries take your calls and send you the essential messages by email or sms. We have the solutions to keep you informed in all circumstances.

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I am in charge of the after-sales service for a household appliance brand, and we would like to set up a telephone reception with a personalised script to better direct our customers.
Is this service possible with AGAPHONE?

Simon L. Logistics Manager

AGAprestation allows you to set up scenarios for the management of your after-sales service calls. Our tele-secretaries respond to your callers according to specifications and a call script previously defined with you and completely controlled.

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