The satisfaction of your customers depends on a quality telephone reception.
Whether you are a legal professional, a health professional, the head of an insurance company, a craftsman, a shopkeeper, the head of an association, a young entrepreneur or a computer specialist, our aim is to help you develop your business with better time management.
Each company is unique, your needs are unique. With AGAPHONE solutions, you can free yourself from repeated demands while keeping control!

Picto couleurs AGAPHONE-AGA Rendez-vous, gestion de votre planning lorsque vous n’êtes pas disponible


Telephone reception + Diary management + Appointment setting

From 49€ HT/month

Picto couleur AGAMessage, un service d'accueil téléphonique et de prise de messages


Telephone reception + Message taking

From 49€ HT/month

Picto couleurs AGAStandard Accueil téléphonique avec mise en relation et/ou prise de messages Facturation au message et non à l’appel Frais de mise en service offerts


Telephone reception + Making contact + Message taking

From 69€ HT/month.

Picto couleur Agaprestation accueil sur mesure d'Agaphone


Telephone reception Tailor-made

According to the specifications of the project


As an expert in 100% French telephone reception, AGAPHONE’s voices save you precious time so that you can concentrate on your professional activity.


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Agaphone expert de l'accueil téléphonique made in France