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your business in a certain geographical area
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Save time

in setting up a personalized number

Opt for a value-added service with number lending!

Agaphone, the leader in outsourced telephone answering since 1985, also provides you with a complete range of Number Loan services. 

Key accounts, SMEs, VSEs, liberal professions and e-commerce sites, you can all now get a number for your business for all your callers. 

Mobile Number Loan

from €20/month excl. tax

Since 01/01/20, Clause 54 of the Code of Civil Procedure has been amended. Plaintiff lawyers are now asked to provide an email address and a MOBILE PHONE NUMBER for any initial electronic lawsuit – on pain of nullity of the initial document. To meet this requirement, you should choose Agaphone’s Mobile Number Loan. Installation is completed as soon as possible so that you can enjoy an excellent reception of your calls.

You can also complement the loan of a mobile number with a package for Agaphoneoutsourced telephone reception so as not to miss any calls.

Geographical Number Loan

from €20/month excl. tax

Expand your business to new regions with a Geographical Number Loan. You provide an easy-to-remember, locally recognized phone number.

You reinforce the image of your company with your potential clients.

The implementation of the geographical number is very quick!

Agaphone can give you a number in all the geographical zones: 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05.

In addition to the loan of a geographical number, Agaphone can provide you with a range of telephone reception services which will simplify the life of your company and that of your customers.

Premium-Rate Number Loan

from €29/month excl. tax

Customize your calling lines while enjoying additional revenue.

Your correspondents know the price of the call, you are more easily reachable!

At Agaphone several loans of premium-rate numbers are available:

- Loan of toll-free number - Loan of premium-rate number - Loan of local number

And if there is no answer, you can transfer your calls to Agaphone with our outsourced switchboard service. That way you won’t miss any calls!

Our teams are at your disposal to advise you and help you in your choice.

Get in touch with us by phone on 01 44 01 50 00 or by means of our contact form: